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Tech to Help Grandparents and Grandchildren Connect

Posted by ImOn Communications on Sep 18, 2019 4:25:03 PM


Every September we celebrate Grandparents Day to help us remember the people who spoil us and are our biggest fans. When we think of grandparents, we don’t always think of technology, but there are plenty of apps and websites that can help grandparents connect with their grandchildren, regardless of distance.

  • Facetime/ Facebook Messenger/ Skype: Grandparents used to have to settle for an occasional phone call, but with the advent of video calls, the game has changed. This is a great way for grandparents to connect with young grandchildren, even those who might not be able to carry on a traditional phone conversation. But video calls aren’t just for young children; video calls give teenagers a chance to show grandparents what they’ve been up to.

  • Keepy: Keepy is a virtual “photo album,” but with a lot of additional features. With this app, parents can collect video and images of grandchildren’s artwork, first steps, soccer games, and just about anything else. Unlike social media, Keepy can be shared with specific people, so you can feel secure posting personal content just for grandparents. Grandparents can also comment on any of the uploads, giving them a chance to virtually interact with their grandchildren’s achievements.

  • Readeo: Readeo (a mash-up of “read” and “rodeo”) lets grandparents read with their grandchildren over the web. This app allows both parties to see each other at the bottom of the screen (just like with video chatting apps), while a digital version of the book takes up the bulk of the screen. You can choose from Readeo’s library of 207 children’s books, however there is a monthly subscription cost (after the 14 day free trial). If you want to avoid paying, you can join Readeo’s “Book of the Month Club,” which allows grandparents to read the selected “book of the month” to their grandchildren for free.

  • Draw Something/ Words with Friends: These games are great for older grandchildren (10 and up) to play with their grandparents. These are especially nice for grandparents of teenagers who have a busy schedule, as each can play in their free moments and still be able to share the fun.

  • can help older grandchildren connect with their past, and make grandparents feel like experts. A genealogy project allows grandchildren and grandparents to work on something authentic and personal, which can have a lasting impact on the relationship.

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