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Apps to Help You Clean Up

Posted by ImOn Communications on Apr 8, 2020 3:21:28 PM

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After hunkering down during winter and then spending the last month social distancing and working from home, your home may be ready for some spring cleaning. So we tracked down some apps to help you tackle this task. We have also included a couple links with information on how to clean and disinfect surfaces in your home during  the COVID-19 pandemic.  Enjoy and happy cleaning!

Fly Lady App iconFlyLady (iOS)

Sometimes cleaning can feel like such an undertaking that it can be difficult to motivate yourself to get started. With the FlyLady app, you can break your cleaning tasks into “zones” and create specific tasks for each zone. Then you can focus on a single zone and each task individually, as opposed to feeling overwhelmed by the idea of tackling all the tasks at once. You can set time limits for how long it should take to clean each specific zone, and schedule more “bite-sized” cleaning responsibilities around your schedule.

OurHome Chores App iconOurHome (iOS and Android)

If you have kids*, you probably already know that it’s not easy to get them to join in on the cleaning fun, but the OurHome app can help provide the motivation they need. This app allows parents to reward kids for a variety of assigned cleaning tasks, as well as set deadlines. The app is points-based and when kids reach a certain point total, they receive whatever reward was agreed upon. Some popular rewards are a weekly allowance, extra screen time, a movie night or a new toy. When you sync your family’s devices with the app, you can set reminders, send messages, and view family members’ progress.

*We can’t confirm this, but in theory this app should also work with grubby roommates/spouses.

Closet Space App IconClosetSpace (iOS and Android)

We all have big aspirations of cleaning out our closets and keeping them organized. ClosetSpace can help you get a better picture of your closet, making the task of organizing a little easier. The app allows you to virtually replicate your closet within the app, so that you can pick out future outfits without having to rummage through your closet. There’s even a calendar that will tell you when you last wore an outfit or item. This also makes it easier to get rid of items you don’t wear anymore.

PoshMark App IconPoshmark (iOS and Android)

Once your closet is organized, it’s time to make some money out of those new or gently used items you’re not wearing anymore. In less than 60 seconds, the Poshmark app can list your items for resale. They will even provide free, prepaid shipping labels. Poshmark does take 20% commission on any items you sell—but if you weren’t wearing it anyway, why not take the cash?

Snupps App IconSnupps (iOS and Android)

If you like the idea of ClosetSpace and Poshmark, but want to take it to the next level, Snupps is for you. With this app you can track and keep a virtual inventory of all of your stuff (not just clothes). Once you create your virtual inventory, you can sell any of your items directly from the app whenever you want. This allows you to regularly declutter a few items at a time, before decluttering becomes a monumental and overwhelming task.

Cleaning Links:

Ready to tackle your spring cleaning tasks with the help of these apps? Get fast, reliable home Internet service from ImOn.

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