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What Is Fiber-to-the-Home and Why Does It Matter?

Posted by imoncommunications on Aug 24, 2017 3:17:23 PM

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ImOn knows that the right connections make all the difference! One connection that matters is fast Internet. Fast Internet helps you make connections, by sending and receive emails, binge watching your favorite shows, gaming to your hearts content, working from home, checking up on family and friends through social media and so much more.

Remember when you had to dial into the Internet through your landline? Back then, we used the Internet so infrequently that it was OK to interrupt phone service to get online. Eventually you probably upgraded from dial-up to DSL or cable Internet. But now, people are starting to upgrade their Internet to fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) Internet.

What is Fiber-to-the-Home Internet, and why are people so excited?

ImOn fiber-to-the-home technology is the fastest and most reliable way to access the Internet. It provides a seamless, nearly instantaneous connection so you don’t have to worry about buffering, or pages taking too long to load. It also means that everyone in your household can play games, watch TV, work, and browse the Internet simultaneously, without slowing things down for everyone else. Here’s what’s different about ImOn’s fiber-to-the-home services:

  • Newer Technology: The difference between copper and fiber has been likened to the difference between the telegraph and the telephone. Fiber to the home uses fiber optic cable that contains strands of glass, thinner than a human hair. It carries digital information over long distances using pulses of light, instead of electricity, like traditional copper cable.
  • Speed: Internet over ImOn fiber-to-the-home is noticeably and measurably faster. In fact, ImOn offers speeds up to 1 Gig (1,000Mb)! You can easily share photos, videos, work from home, and do online gaming without a second thought. No more video buffering or waiting for your files to download.
  • Bandwidth: With fiber-to-the-home, slow or lagging Internet becomes a thing of the past. Light is efficient, so fiber cables carry more information – thousands of times more than copper wire. That means you won’t notice any slowdowns during the peak times of day when your neighbors are on the internet too.
  • Reliable: Fiber to the home technology is pretty much immune to many of the factors and interferences that affect copper cable. Also, it won’t falter under harsh weather conditions and electrical surges. That all adds up to less downtime for you!
  • Increased home values: A recent study found that fiber-to-the-home may increase a home’s value by up to 3.1 percent. And the great thing is that we install it for you.

ImOn is committed to expanding our fiber-to-the-home service to accommodate our customers’ increasing need for more bandwidth in their homes and businesses. Would you like to experience the ImOn Fiber-to-the-Home difference? Give us a call at 319-298-6484 or visit today.

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