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Causes for Slow Internet Connections

Posted by imoncommunications on Apr 19, 2017 1:20:42 PM

Shocked and surprised boy on the Internet with laptop computerIf you are experiencing a slow Internet connection and download speeds, there may be many reasons for this. Here are a couple of things to consider:

Your Computer: The age and overall performance of your computer may be a factor. Also be aware that malware, spyware, and viruses can slow your computer down. Make sure you have some kind of software on your computer to protect yourself from these threats. ImOn TechHome is a desktop security software that can provide essential protection for your computer.

Wireless Routers: If you are utilizing a wireless router to create a Wi-Fi network within your home the quality and performance of the router may also be affecting your Internet speeds and connections. Be sure your wireless network is locked down so you are not sharing your connection with neighbors who are unauthorized and using your network without your permission. Click here for more information about locking down your router. While Wi-Fi may feel like the future, wired network connections still have a lot of advantages. If you want a more reliable connection with faster speed and no interference problems, a wired network connection is still the most reliable option out there. If you want the convenience of having a Wi-Fi connection here are a few tips for boosting your Wi-Fi signal.

Placement of Modem and Router: Where you put your modem and router can also greatly affect the strength of your signal and coverage area. Modems and routers placed on top of your PC tower, near an electrical outlet, or next to wires (including networking, telephone line and cable lines) can cause the speed of your Internet connection to be slow. This is due to interference from the other devices. You can also experience interference from other wireless networks in the area and some household appliances like cordless phones, baby monitors, and microwaves.

Hand holding a bundle of Ethernet cablesNumber of Connections: The number of individuals in your area using the Internet at the same time as you can also affect your Internet speed. If you have multiple computers or devices (game systems, cell phones, tablets, etc.) accessing the Internet at the same time, this can cause speed issues as the bandwidth is shared between those devices. Also, the day or time of day can also affects the overall speed of the Internet. Times when people are at home, e.g. home from work or school (after 3 PM) or weekends (Saturday and Sunday), are often slower times. Sites like Internet Traffic Report reports the flow of data around the world. This site can give you a rough idea of busy times.

Internet Speed: First off, when we refer to Internet speed we are talking about bandwidth, or the amount of data that can be transferred over an Internet connection per second. For example, with a 30Mb Internet speed you can download up to 30Mb of data per second. It is important to know that bandwidth is a finite number for each Internet connection. When several people or devices are using a single Internet connection, the bandwidth is shared among them. That means lower bandwidth is being assigned to each device, resulting in slower Internet speed on each device. The more people, laptops, tablets, game consoles, and smartphones you have in your household, the higher the Internet speed and bandwidth you will need. At ImOn, we provide an easy way to help you figure out what Internet speed is right for the needs of your family. Just CLICK HERE to go to the new ImOn Speed Analyzer. Then answer 4 easy questions about your Internet habits and usage. Then the ImOn Speed Analyzer will recommend the best Internet speed for your needs. That way you get the Internet speed you need based on the number of people and devices you have in your home. But aren’t paying for something you don’t need or won’t use.

The Website you are visiting: The composition of the website you are visiting, including text, images, and videos, makes a difference on how fast your Internet speed appears to be. A website composed of mainly text loads faster than a website, such as YouTube, which is mostly pictures and movies. You may also have too many programs, games, or windows running on your computer at one time, which will slow down your computer and Internet speed.

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